Companies unite to develop a Japan-Australia CO2-free hydrogen supply chain in South Australia

12 Aug 2021
A ground-breaking MOU between ENEOS Corporation and Neoen Australia Pty Ltd will explore the development of a Japan-Australia CO2-free hydrogen supply chain in South Australia.
The Department brings together ENEOS (Japan’s premier energy and materials corporation) with Neoen (the Australian subsidiary of one of the world’s leading independent renewable energy providers) to conduct a study to build a supply chain for an affordable and stable supply of CO2-free hydrogen (green hydrogen) produced from renewable energy. 
This will be achieved by using Australia’s potential for cost-competitive hydrogen production due to its favourable climate conditions, including wind and sunlight, along with expansive land.
The Department has been instrumental in working with ENEOS and Neoen, providing support for site visits, introductions on the ground in South Australia and discussions in Japan through the Tokyo trade and investment office which will leverage opportunities to export hydrogen.
The study by the two companies will examine the potential for the stable supply of affordable hydrogen produced from renewable energy in South Australia. Specifically, Neoen will study stable renewable energy supply and water electrolysis cells for hydrogen production. ENEOS will be responsible for more efficient production of methylcyclohexane (MCH) and maritime transport of MCH as a form of hydrogen storage and transport from Australia to Japan.
South Australia is one of the most developed regions in the world in terms of battery storage infrastructure. In addition, the South Australian Government is promoting the development of next-generation energy industries, including hydrogen and ammonia, and is planning the required infrastructure for export including loading and unloading facilities and ports.
Neoen is one of the world’s leading independent renewable energy power producers and is currently developing two pioneering projects – the Goyder Renewables Zone and Crystal Brook Energy Park. These projects combine wind, solar and battery storage to provide a firm renewable energy power supply – overcoming the limitations of wind or solar only projects.
The two companies will utilise the Green Innovation Fund in Japan and the Hydrogen Hub project in Australia to achieve early development of a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain between Japan and Australia.

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