Creative Industries

Creative industries

Booming independent game development and film industry

South Australia has a sophisticated infrastructure of production, digital post-production, special effects (VFX) and technical facilities.

With companies like Rising Sun Pictures, Monkeystack and Mr X, South Australia boasts a highly skilled technical workforce and world-class studio facilities, making it a popular choice for offshore filming, post-production, VFX, and animation.
In a sector worth $180 billion globally, South Australia’s booming independent game development industry is having an international impact with worldwide hits such as Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight, ODD Games’ Monster Truck Destruction, Team Fractal Alligator’s Hacknet and Mighty Kingdom’s Conan Chop Chop.

A 10% post-production, digital and visual effects (PDV) rebate which mirrors the Australian Federal Government’s PDV offset of 30%,  has been extended by the South Australian Government to cover video game development, which is the first rebate of this kind offered to the games industry in Australia.

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Mark Wheeler

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Works with companies to develop projects, negotiate and structure investments, remove barriers, solve problems and support industry.


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