Fivecast case study- South Australia Export Accelerator Program

17 Aug 2021

Fivecast is a global digital intelligence solutions company that is headquartered in Adelaide. 

Formed in 2017, Fivecast was spun out of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Centre (D2D CRC). The CRC brought together government agencies and world-leading research institutions to tackle the big data challenges facing national security and law enforcement.

Fivecast’s digital intelligence solutions are purpose-built to address the highest priority use cases for the national security, law enforcement and defence markets, helping these sectors explore masses of digital data and gain insights critical to protecting global markets.

An example of this is Fivecast’s collaboration with US not-for-profit organisation, DeliverFund that tackles the problem of human trafficking – one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world. Fivecast’s technology enables DeliverFund to search masses of online data to find the digital footprint of a human trafficker and provide that intelligence to law enforcement to help rescue vulnerable victims and take down human traffickers.

Headquartered in Adelaide and with a presence in the United States, Fivecast successfully applied for funding through the South Australian Export Accelerator Program, a financial assistance program for South Australian businesses who are looking to grow into international markets.

“We had a strategic plan to identify and prioritise targeting US opportunities and we undertook significant product development to match solutions to the requirements of US customers,” said Dr. Brenton Cooper, CEO and Co-founder of Fivecast. 

The South Australia Export Accelerator Program assisted Fivecast to engage a contractor to develop and execute a channel and partnership strategy for the United States market, as well as to drive business growth and expansion into different markets and regions.

“We needed to gain financial assistance to execute on our export strategy faster. Since then, we have also been able to leverage the expertise of the South Australian Government’s Trade and Investment team in exporting from South Australia to new markets.”

After entering the US market 18 months ago, Fivecast made significant progress in establishing the company as a key player in the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) market. 

“We also established a Tradecraft and Business Development team in the US which has grown to 10 people in the space of a year and have succeeded in acquiring multiple large US customers across state and local law enforcement, national security, defence and corporate security sectors.

“Fivecast has established partnerships with multiple partners globally in expanding markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Latin America, UAE and Asia,” Dr. Cooper continued.

Fivecast’s product roadmap includes new digital intelligence innovations and capabilities that will enable Fivecast to solve evolving customer challenges, serve new markets and support continued growth.

“The South Australian Government has been a national leader in driving transformation of the economy from one focused on natural resources and manufacturing to being increasingly focused on hi-tech organisations – such as us.

“South Australia has a business environment which is conducive to supporting and nurturing tech startups. In the past 18 months we have grown our global team from 17 to almost 50 employees and we intend to grow our team further in line with our significant plans for customer growth and geographical expansion.”

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