New South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club to promote the state’s wine on global stage

28 Jul 2022
A new, invite-only South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club to support the state’s wine exporters and to grow demand overseas, has been officially launched.

The Lane Vineyard. Credit: South Australian Tourism Commission.

The South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club (SAWAC) has been established to create an international network of ambassadors who share a passion for South Australian wine. 
Led by Patrons, James Halliday AM and Tony Love, both renowned wine authorities, they will deliver unique member experiences through educational masterclasses and bespoke communications for the importing community.
SAWAC members consist of 45 wine importers, whose commitment will contribute to growing new to market wines, driving commercial outcomes, and raising the global profile of South Australian wine in key markets, with a focus upon South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and New Zealand. 
The Club requires a commitment from its members to onboard a minimum of one new South Australian winery in the first year of membership and at least two wineries in the second year. The requirements for years three and four will be reviewed and agreed on between the importer and the South Australian Government.
The four-year initiative forms part of the South Australian Government’s Wine Export Recovery and Expansion Program, which was launched in July 2021, to offset the significant impact of the China tariffs. 
The SAWAC program will deliver an estimated increase of approximately 90 new-to-market South Australian wine brands across the six markets over the next two years.
The initiative supports the South Australian wine sector’s critical export recovery and expansion program, growing South Australia’s presence internationally in new markets. 
Currently, South Australia’s wine exports are valued at $1.3 billion – accounting for 62 per cent of the total value of Australian wine exports[1]. 
Whilst South Australia’s wine exports are down 23 per cent by value on the previous year, volume has grown by 17 per cent. In addition, the value of South Australia’s wine exports to markets outside of China have increased by 13 per cent[2], including growth in the United States, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. 
The Club has welcomed 25 inaugural Ambassadors across priority markets and 16 Honorary Members from Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong have been awarded to renowned importers who have consistently supported South Australian wines over an extended period and display extraordinary leadership within their importing community.
Patron, James Halliday said he is looking forward to being part of the South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club.
“I’m delighted to head the four-year initiative of the South Australian Wine Ambassadors Club,” Mr Halliday said. “The exceptional quality of the wines emerging from the cool 2021 vintage have become ever-more obvious. I am convinced that the elegance of the red wines and purity of the whites will thrill importers and consumers in these key export markets, and I look forward to sharing their journey of discovery of South Australian wines.”
Ambassador Club members will receive official certification and recognition from the South Australian Government and James Halliday, as well as receiving access to tastings, educational content and e-newsletters delivered by Mr Halliday and Mr Love
Members will also have access to South Australian wine producers, unique wine offerings, and will visit South Australia to experience the state’s wine regions and producers first-hand.
Educational trade masterclasses and retail campaigns in Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong, run in conjunction with Wine Australia, and social influencer campaigns, will feature importer member wines.
The Club will review membership and the markets targeted on an annual basis. 
Further information is available at

[1] To the 12 months ending May 2022. 
[2] From year ending March 2021 to year ending May 2022.