Overseas trade continues period of growth

09 Nov 2022
The value of South Australia’s merchandise exports has grown to $15.6 billion and remains at record levels.
This represents 19.6 per cent export growth to the year ending September 2022.
Strong growth was experienced in export value for the United States (up 33 per cent), Malaysia (up 22 per cent) and India (up 12 per cent).
Agriculture and metal commodities are estimated to represent nearly 70 per cent of South Australia’s goods export value in year ending September 2022 and these were driving growth in the past twelve months.
Demand for South Australian grains continue to rise, in part attributed to reduced global supply from Russia, the Ukraine and Canada forcing buyers to search for alternative suppliers.
South Australia also experienced an increase in export values for several other markets including Canada (up 28 per cent), Indonesia (up 9 per cent), Taiwan (up 125 per cent), Japan (up 14 per cent) and Thailand (up 3 per cent).