Pure Origins starts exporting their premium Australian native honey and manuka to Texas

18 May 2021

South Australian family-run honey company, Pure Origins, partners with a number of ethical Australian beekeepers to produce unique native Australian honey for both domestic and international sale.

With a focus on raw, single origin, cold extracted honey; the company prides themselves on sourcing from single origins, within Australia, with the product received from their beekeeper being bottled directly and delivered to customers in a “hive to home” model.

Pure Origins’ range of honey can already be found in premium Australian supermarkets, health stores, duty free stores and is exported around the globe to China, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
The company is now also exporting premium Australian native honey and manuka to the United States, through a deal with Central Market (a speciality grocery sub-brand of HEB comprising 350 stores with revenue of US$29 billion per year); as a direct outcome of the Department for Trade and Investment’s Americas Houston, Texas based office, liaising with Central Market to pitch South Australian products.
The pitching presentation, coordinated by the Department for Trade and Investment, in partnership with Food SA, saw Central Market select nine South Australian exporters to supply products for its stores, with the first deals worth approximately US$150,000.
Pure Origins’ was one of the nine selected, who’s first shipment to Central Market included just over 4000 jars of assorted honey and manuka, valued at around AUD$100,000.
“Being a part of the Central Market deal has been a great opportunity for the Pure Origins brand to enter a new market, and grow our business,” said Luca Scalzi, Managing Director at Pure Origins. 
“It was always part of our strategy to identify opportunities in the US once we were established in some of our other export markets, such as Singapore, Japan and Middle East.
“We hope to continue the expansion and growth of our brand in the US, and this opportunity will give us the ability to also strengthen our existing export markets and invest in a plant and equipment. 
“This will allow us to further target different segments within markets we are already in, through being more efficient and lowering our costs.”
Find out more about Pure Origins via www.pureorigins.com.au